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"I have had several encounters with Assurance Garage Door Company. They have always been professional, helpful, and very reasonably priced. I highly recommend them to everyone. The technicians are knowledgeable and well trained in garage door installations and repairs. I highly recommend this company to everyone in my family and in my work."

"I have worked with several garage door repair services and would definitely go with Assurance Garage Door Replacement & Repair any time. The technicians are very knowledgeable and extremely courteous. They are also extremely helpful in my work and are great companions in my garage. The technicians are friendly and keep in touch with their customers even after the job is complete to see how they are doing and if there is anything else that they may need."

"I have worked with many garage door repair companies, but nothing comes close to Assurance Garage Door Installation & Repair. The technician is friendly, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. He and his staff are very helpful and I feel comfortable leaving the job to them. The pricing is very reasonable and the quality is excellent." George S.

"I have only had one experience with a garage door repair company and they came out very fast and fixed the doors on both of my vehicles very fast. They were very kind and gave me the run down on what was wrong. All of our doors were broken cables and they fixed them so we could easily get back into our home. They were extremely helpful and saved us a lot of time and money."

Garage door openers are very important to many homeowners who are faced with having constant use of their garage doors. Many homeowners are constantly using their doors to run up and down the stairs when they enter or leave a house, and without an opener these doors will constantly be damaged and need repairs. Garage door repair services offer a wide variety of different types of repairs. Most service technicians use jackstones to help lift the heavy doors off of the track and replace the actual springs that the opener is connected to. They then install new track rods that secure the springs to the tracks so that they will not get accidentally pulled or loosened.

Garage Door Installation

If you have an overhead door that is causing problems in your home, it is important that you contact a service technician to determine if you need a complete replacement garage doors or just a few parts replaced to fix the problem. A common problem for overhead doors is that the track gets hung up on the track and does not open properly. You may also want to know if there has been any type of damage caused to your garage doors. This can help you determine which repair service will be best for you. Service technicians will give you a free estimate on what they recommend doing to your overhead doors so that you can make an informed decision on which option is right for you.

Assurance Garage Door Installation & Repair
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Assurance Garage Door Installation & Repair

Here at Garage Door Repairs, we can proudly say that we are 100% owned and the most trusted company operating.

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Great service. Called at night, and was able to get an appointment the next day. He showed up the next day and fixed the problem right away, and even took a look at our work trying to fix the problem on our own. Great price!

Ryan b. Adrian

Everytime and anytime I call someone always answers the phone and they are very professional. I had a new liftmaster system installed on a garage door by these guys , and although there is an issue with the sensors where the door keeps opening up on its own, the customer service has been excellent and he offers to go out same or next day to get it resolved. Pricing is also very competitive, less than other guys around and no trip charge!

Geoff Arnold

He was pleasant, polite and courteous and extremely efficient. He even gave me a senior discount. The price was very reasonable. I highly recommend this company for repairs or replacements necessary for garage doors . I will continue to use this company for any future needs .

Richhard Benas